Cook Pasta With Cream

First, take a bowl, fill it with water, add a few drops of olive oil and salt and set to boil. This is where we are going to boil the pasta. The reason you should add a few drops of oil is that it prevents the pasta from getting stuck together. When the water is boiling there’s a tremendous chance the tagliatelle will get glued to each other which will make them harder to mix afterwards and there’s a chance they won’t cook inside if they’re knotted together.

Next, take a plate that’s deep enough to contain all your other ingredients and large enough to rest on top of the pasta bowl which is on the heat source. While the … Read the rest

Pile on the Pasta

Historical references may indeed dispute pasta’s Asian origin, as various pasta-type foods are mentioned in earlier centuries. Enter the Greeks, who originally occupied Naples, a southern region of Italy and are thought to have introduced a pasta- like food to the Neapolitans. Since Italy’s major grain producers and processors were in the south, it’s highly likely that long, thin pasta made its way north to Rome and other cities. Long before Marco Polo, first century Roman poet Horace described thin sheets of dough called lagana and served fried as an everyday food. Several centuries later, this dough was stuffed with meat and perhaps made way for present day lasagna.

By the sixteenth century, the dried version made storage easy, and … Read the rest

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