About Personalized Honey Favors

Personalized party gifts are a great way to show each person that you care they came. Simply handing out the same item to everyone comes off a bit lazy, as it doesn’t take that much effort or money to personalize an item. After all, it is a gift, and gifts are made to be personalized and dedicated to individuals. With the personalized honey favor, you can have each little jar of honey feature the name of the event, or the person who attended. This way, whenever the person uses the honey or looks at it, they can remember back on the event, which is the entire purpose of the favor.

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Benefits of Organic Raw Honey

  • It contains fewer toxic pollutants. The regulation on organic beekeeping is very restrictive, and the plants that can be foraged by bees must be at least 3 km away from any source of pollution (highways, urban and industrial buildings, landfills, etc). To safeguard their bees some organic beekeepers bring them in uncontaminated Italian Reserves and National Parks.
  • Organic honey has beneficial properties for digestion. Scientific studies have shown that antibiotics, but also pesticides can unbalance the intestinal flora (ISS -Ferrini) with adverse health consequences, so it is always better to prefer a honey free of these substances. By law, certified organic honey must be free of traces of synthetic antibiotics (such as tetracyclines, streptomycin, sulfonamides, etc.), or synthetic substances acaricide
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