Energy Drinks

Coffee itself will give you a boost of energy. The average cup of coffee has anywhere from 95-125 milligrams of caffeine. That will wake you up in the morning or when you’re feeling sluggish in the middle of the day. However, coffee takes some time to prepare and is traditionally served hot. Energy drinks have become popular because of the ease in preparation and the high amount of caffeine in them. Just buy them, pop them in the fridge and consume when you need it. Some don’t even need refrigeration. They are consumed at room temperature or added to any drink to give you a boost of energy when you need it. Some can have up to 275 milligrams of caffeine, which is almost double of what coffee has to offer. That much caffeine is not harmful to your health. A healthy adult can safely consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day without any side effects.

When do energy drinks and caffeine start having negative side effects? When adolescents and teenagers are consuming too much of it. When healthy adults are consuming too much caffeine and too many energy drinks or coffee. The other ingredients in these drinks are just as unhealthy as consuming too much caffeine. There are additives, like carnitine, that can cause nausea and vomiting when consumed in large amounts. Other ingredients like ginkgo biloba and ginseng that can have adverse effect with taken with blood sugar control medications and blood thinners. Not to mention the extremely high amount of sugar in some of the drinks. One energy drink can have as much as 54 grams of sugar in one serving. That’s almost double the amount of sugar found in a serving of soda.

Coffee, soda, and energy drinks by themselves are not a health hazard. Consuming multiple servings in one day can cause serious side effects. For adults, consuming more than 600 milligrams of caffeine in per day can result in insomnia and insomnia related health issues, restlessness, upset stomach, irritability, fast heartbeat, muscle tremors, and other side effects. Not to mention the health issues associated with a diet containing high amounts of sugar.

Over all, coffee, soda, and energy drinks are not bad for you if consumed in moderation. Remember that a healthy intake of caffeine for an adult is 600 milligrams per day. Be mindful of the amount of sugar and other ingredients in these energy drinks. Awareness of these things can prevent harmful side effects.

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Fruit-Flavoured Drinks

Well, drinking water is an excellent habit too, but what most people do not know is the fact that these fruit-drinks that are manufactured today are not fat-inducing. In fact, they are packed with multivitamins and minerals which will not only cool you in summers, but at the same time also energize you with the best of nutrients. Scientists have also discovered that the liquid form is the best way to have your nutrients. This form is not only absorbed faster in the body, but it also works in the most efficient way. This is why a lot of energy drinks are now being made in the powder form so that they can be mixed with water and had or in the liquid form so that it can be easily digested and absorbed.

A lot of people are asked to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to have a healthy life, but not everybody can do it! Why, because water is completely tasteless! But what if you can have a liquid in your diet but with taste? This is where the fruit drinks come in. They are packed with a punch and can also supply the essential nutrients that are needed in a human being’s diet.

The best part is there are hundreds of flavours available in the market. So, if you are not a fan of apple flavour, you can also go for orange or cherry. There are so many choices available in the marker that it becomes difficult for a person to choose what he or she likes. Most of the flavoured drinks are also Vitamin C. Vitamin C Beverages are in fact most popular with children and young adults because of their taste and the many health benefits that they have.

Doctors have been able to find out that Vitamin C is one of those nutrients which is absorbed very quickly by the body and can prevent common colds. So, if you regularly put in Vitamin C in your diet, you can prevent the common cold. Apart from that, Vitamin C is also known to promote health among the people by preventing diseases such as cancer, stroke and also promoting immunity in the bodies. People who regularly consume Vitamin C in one form or the other are able to lead a much better life. And if you have a problem in consuming the tangy stuff, you can always have it like a drink or a beverage and improve your body’s immunity.

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