Royal Jelly

It contains water, sugars, lipids, proteins, minerals and almost all the amino acids essential for human nutrition.

It transforms bee larvae into queen bees. As a result, the queen bees develop into a size double that of the worker bees and have a life span 20 to 30 times of that of the worker bees.

Based on the observation and scientific experiments, it has many great benefits to human beings.

Japanese research shows that it has very strong anti-cancer properties. By taking royal jelly, one can prevent cancer or prolong the proliferation of cancer cells.

Grave’s Disease causes enlarged thyroid and related symptoms such as increased heart beat, muscle weakness, disturbed sleep and bulging eye (exophtalmos). It may reduce the occurrence of these symptoms and thus is beneficial to the patients.

The consumption of royal jelly may maintain the brain health. It is discovered that it is able to stimulate the growth of stem cells in the brain. It can prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. It also stimulates the cognitive function of the brain.

Wrinkles and dry skin are signs of ageing. It possesses nutrients that support skin renewal such as vitamins, hormones and enzymes. It can stimulate production of collagen in the skin and thus improving the skin tone. With its help, skin with radiation damage can heals in a short period of time.

Cholesterol level is the main concern of those in middle age. High cholesterol means you may face danger of high blood pressure. It lowers total serum cholesterol level and hence reducing the risk of facing stroke.

It is anti-inflammatory and can cure wounds in a short time if applied topically.

By analogy, cut apple changes color after it is exposed to the air due to oxidation. Oxidation of cells may lead to cancer and other diseases. Royal jelly contains high amount of anti-oxidants which prevent cancer.

Because royal jelly is rich in amino acids, it can strengthen and boost the immune system of human beings.

It has high content of minerals such as iron and calcium. These materials are important for the health of blood, bone and reproductive system of human being.

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