Preparing Delicious Chicken Pickle

Control diabetes

The recent studies have revealed that consuming these pickles increases the levels of hemoglobin in the patients suffering from diabetes and helps in improving the condition of the diabetic patients. This type of item is made from vinegar that has acetic acid. This type of acid is effective in diabetic control. However, optimum care should be taken in order to prevent consumption of salted items as excess amounts of salt increase the levels of blood pressure.

Good source of protein

If you are searching for a good source of low fat and protein, then consuming chicken food is the best option in your hand. Chicken pickle is rich in protein that helps in building muscles, strengthening bones and reducing weight.

Cure tumors

Ulcers are the internal wounds occurred due to acidic reaction on the tissues and breakage of the mucus membranes. Generally, the gastric ulcers occur due to acidity problem and rupture of mucous membranes. Consuming pickles allows you in removing ulcer and tumors.

Here are a few steps you should follow to prepare pickles from chicken pieces.

The first step is to cook the foodstuff with salt and turmeric powder. You must add an adequate amount of water to cook it properly. You could cover the bowl with a huge lid and cook it on low degree of heat till water is effectively evaporated. Then you should take it out of the stove and allow it to cool off.

You must grind the poppy seeds and create fine powder. Plus, you should create a fine paste made from garlic as well as ginger.

Then you should heat a cup of oil in a bowl, add chicken pieces and fry them lightly. Once the chicken pieces are fried, you should then remove oil from the bowl and put them in a separate dish. You must then add curry leaves, ginger and mustard seeds. The next step is to add garlic paste to fry it until the paste becomes golden brown in color.

You must add powder made from poppy seeds, turmeric and red chilies in the bowl and fry it for a few seconds. Then you should dry the powder and fry it in oil pan for one or two seconds. You should then add chicken and then mix it well with spices. Plus, you should also add salt and vinegar and then blend it well. Then you should add oil and use one tablespoon of lemon juice or even vinegar. Foe better taste, you must increase the total amount of garlic and poppy seeds. You should then transfer the mixture to the sterilized bottle and then store it in a refrigerator.

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