Milk is Good For You

Milk is More Filling than Junk Food

A piece of candy and a glass of low fat milk may have the same calorie count, but most people would choose the milk if they had to choose the healthy option. That’s because milk is good for you, and at the same time it provides a feeling of satisfaction, because it fills you up. If you include dairy products, including milk, in your everyday diet, then you are likely to feel fuller and therefore not eat as much.

What Makes Milk such a good Fat Buster!

Milk is high in calcium and vitamins D and E. There are also chemicals in milk which fight fat, and are important in helping your body to regulate its metabolism. The result is reduced body fat, particularly in your mid-section, which is where excess fat is often stored. Milk has also been found to increase muscle and speed up weight loss. One study showed that women who drank a glass or more of fat free milk each day, as part of their normal diet, lost around six pounds a year on average. So imagine that you consumed dairy products three times per day. If you also followed an exercise routine and reduced calorie diet, you could achieve a significant loss of weight.

Milk Consumption and Skin Health

As well as fighting fat, milk helps your skin’s elasticity when you are on a weight loss program. The natural chemicals (vitamins D & E), which milk contains, have been shown to help the skin stay supple. This is important for people who are losing weight and trying to keep their body toned. People who are on a weight loss program really don’t want to be left with stretch marks and drooping skin when the fat has gone. This is often the problem that people who have used surgical methods to lose weight are left with. It is better to choose a slower method of weight loss, including milk as part of your program, and your skin is more likely to look good at the end of it all.

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