Milk For Smoothies

Since veganism and vegan diets have become more popular lately, many people have found substitutes for foods that others eat. Soy milk and tofu can be great in place of dairy milk or some meats. But soy is a food that people on a whole foods diet prefer to avoid. If you are trying to follow both diets several great alternative include almond milk, rice milk, or coconut milk.

Almond milk adds a creamy consistency and adds a great nutty taste to smoothies. It is a great substitute for soy or dairy milk if you are on a vegan and whole food diet. Almond milk, and other nut based milks like cashew milk, can be found at many grocery stores. Remember to shake any of these nut based milks before using them. Almond, cashew and other nut milks are also a great source of protein, something many people on a vegan diet struggle to get enough of. Because of its nutty flavor, almond milk is good in drinks and deserts but is generally something to avoid for savory dishes.

Another dairy substitute is rice milk. Strange as it may sound, rice milk does exist. It is not as rich or creamy as soy or dairy milk but is a tasty alternative for vegan and whole foods diets. Rice milk, like rice wine vinegar, has a sweet taste so it is great for sweeter foods like homemade smoothies. Just be aware that rice milk does not contain as much protein as other types of milk. Like almond milk, rice milk’s sweet flavor makes it a great for drinks and deserts but is not the best substitute for savory dishes.

Coconut milk is easy to find at most stores. It has a slightly sweet flavor and is very thick and rich. It is a great addition to any smoothie, especially if you enjoy a mild coconut flavor in your drink. In addition to being a tasty substitution for smoothies, coconut milk has many uses in cooking. It is a common ingredient in Indian, or East Asian cooking. Many recipes including curries, stir fries, and even pad thai call for coconut milk. It is an amazing product for any pantry.

Because the combination of both a vegan and whole foods diet can be a bit limiting on food selection a t times. Fortunately, there are many healthy substitutions available for everyday foods like milk. Not being able to use dairy is not an excuse for avoiding such a convenient meal that can be as healthy as homemade smoothies. By going to stores, asking questions, and doing a little research anyone can find healthy foods for their whole foods and vegan diets.

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