Juice Concentrate

The added sugars which are present in mixed juice drink blends should be avoided. For this, look for those juice concentrates which often say that they are 100% juice on the label. Whereas juice concentrates, which are known as juice drinks and juice cocktails, normally contain added sugar and preservatives.

According to the latest studies, it has been well proved that micro-nutrient dense concentrate of many fruits and vegetables eliminates the greater risk of chronic diseases. The concentrate of fruits like apples, cherries, oranges, papayas, pineapples, tomatoes and much more helps in increasing the level of micro-nutrients. Such juice concentrates decrease the inflammatory load in the body while preventing several diseases like Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, arthritis and different heart diseases. Thus, adding fruit concentrates to a habitual diet can indeed prove very fruitful as well as beneficial for the entire health. So, if you wish to avoid the chronic inflammation and certain other infectious diseases, be sure that you take juice concentrates on a regular basis, or as suggested by your nutritionist.

Nothing is more nutritive than a fresh fruit juice. But once the liquid part is extracted from these vital foods, you can ingest and consume up to 99 percent of the food value even if you have poor digestion.

Myth: Some people believe that drinking juice daily helps them consume their daily intake of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Moreover, it is believed that there is no major difference between drinking fruit juices and consuming fruits.

Fact: But the fact here is that drinking fruit juice and consuming fruits are not the same. The reason being that several fruit juices on the shelves of supermarkets are all pasteurized. It simply means that they contain lesser nutrients. No matter how fresh and healthy the product is, it loses it’s chief nutrients after undergone the process. Moreover, if the product is exposed to air, it will lose its anti-oxidants within 20 minutes of duration.

Myth: Some think that taking medicines with fruits juices instead of water can be quite beneficial as fruits are Healthy.

Fact: This is definitely wrong, as taking medication along with other fluids other than water is terrible! No doubt fruits are healthy, but taking medication with fruit juices is entirely a different tale. As certain fruit juices like grapefruit juice can cause normal doses of medication to develop into a toxin, whereas fruit juices like orange juice may result in diminishing the effects of certain medication wiping out the useful effects from them.

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