Indonesian Extreme Foods

Ulat Sagu (Sago Caterpillars) in Papua

Papua has its uniqueness such as its natural beauty, culture, custom, and its culinary. If you go to Papua, do not forget to taste ulat sagu (sago caterpillars). Hearing just the name will make people feel disgusted. Local people in Papua take caterpillars sago from sago trees in the jungle. But don’t get me wrong; we do not talk about the living sago trees here but the dead ones. These sago caterpillars live only in the log of rotten sago trees. On the tip of the caterpillar sago body, there is a red mark as its head. Usually caterpillars sago will be eaten raw as a traditional medicine or tonic. But if you feel disgusted, you can cook caterpillars sago first before you eat them. This extreme food of the Kamoro tribe is rich in nutrients, especially protein for the body.

Tokek Goreng (Fried Geckos)

People seek for this animal because its benefit for remedying many diseases. So no wonder if the price of this animal is very expensive. What are the benefits of gecko’s meat? It is believed to cure various diseases such as skin problems, asthma, and can increase stamina for men. A research team led by Professor Wang of Hanan University of China ever reported in the clinical trials, gecko showed a positive effect on malignant tumors. People believe their condition is getting better after eating geckos.

Sate Ular Cobra (Cobras Satay)

In Jakarta there is a food stall that sells extreme foods using snakes as one of the ingredients. The famous one is the cobra satay. Some people believe that the cobra’s meat can treat various diseases such as skin problems and allergies. Furthermore venomous snake’s meat is also believed to increase stamina for men. So do not be surprised if many customers who are curious visit this food stall.

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