How To Shoot A Christmas Cake Video

Delight your fans and family with a demonstration of how to make your famous Christmas cake – and shoot a video of it to spread the joy around the world.

Food blogging has become a serious business, and it is easy to operate a professional food blog complete with text, images, and videos. Now that Christmas is around the corner, you want to try your hand at shooting a Christmas cake video. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it. Just follow the easy guide we’ve outlined below.

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How to shoot a Christmas cake video

·         Get the ingredients together in glass containers.

Opaque metal vessels don’t allow your viewers to see the ingredients and their proportions clearly. Use glass containers and mixing bowls only. Start by laying out all the ingredients in the order that you will need them in the recipe, close at hand. Switch on the camera only after all the ingredients are in place, your cooktop is cleaned, and you are ready, to begin with, a short introduction.

·         Place two cameras at the right angles.

You will need two cameras – do not record a mobile phone unless it is a high-res one – for the Christmas cake video. Place both cameras on stands. One should point straight at you and show you standing at the cooktop with your ingredients. The other must be pointed on the cooktop directly to record all the action as each ingredient is used. Do test runs so that you get an idea of light, whether there are any echoes if the angles need to be corrected further, etc.

·         Follow a stepwise recipe and recite each step clearly.

Your Christmas cake recipe is an easy one, but your viewers will still need time to understand all the steps correctly. Go over each step slowly, reciting what you are doing, for how long and why, before proceeding to the next step. Give recommendations for which spatulas to use, the oven temperature, ideal mixing times and techniques, etc. Declutter the recipe as much as possible – people are put off by complicated ones that use a lot of ingredients

·         Edit the video to show bullet points and special tips.

Editing the Christmas fruit cake video properly is crucial for perfect presentation. You can edit the video yourself using simple editing tools you can get online. Or you can turn it over to a professional editor. Be sure to add text to the video – bullet points for the ingredients list, a final rundown of the recipe to refresh the viewers’ memory, cutting some scenes, and so on. You can also include any tips you may have for making the cake extra special.

Make your own Christmas cake video at home, armed with a simple recipe from Milkmaid using condensed milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, and dry fruit.