Eco Friendly Foods


Another self-defense champion is the broccoli. It contains compounds which protect it from pests and doesn’t require any industrial pesticide to be in good shape. Broccoli’s defenses are 100% natural and they even help keep some kinds of cancers away from humans!


Potatoes yields are relatively high and they also contain compounds to protect them from pests and diseases! The main plus of potatoes is that they require moderate amount of fertilizer and water and can last a long time without spoiling.


Great for one single reason – water consumption. A lot of the grown foods require a lot of water to be properly maintained and yield their maximum. In terms of water for fruits – oranges are the overall winner coming down with the astoundingly low 55 gallons of water per pound.

Soft cheeses

From the dairy products – cheese is probably the least offending food. Although from cheese – opt for goat or cow cheese. Look for cheese which are softer and less-processed because they require less energy to be made.

Small fishes

Meat is the name of the game for some people and there are options for that – not as sustainable as the fruits and vegetables, but less harmful than other products in their category. For fish and meat in general – the more small you go the less the impact is. Anchovies and sardines for fish and if you’re not into fish – go with chicken. Look for products with “organic”, “humane” and “grass-fed” on them so you know which meat has made less impact.

If you’re a gardener and want to go greener – try the vegetables I mentioned in this list. Most of them don’t require a lot of work to yield harvest and can be an excellent way to save some money and be sustainable in your own home. Don’t forget to hire professional garden removal for anything you can reuse!

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