Raw Nut Milk

Raw nut milk has been used for hundreds of years. It has recently come into the mainstream as diets such as vegetarian, vegan, and eating raw foods has become widely acknowledged for all the health benefits. This milk can be purchased at your local store, especially health food stores, or even made right at home. You can find many links on how to properly prepare your own nutty milk online. This milk is a dairy alternative for those who do not drink milk for personal reasons or have allergies or intolerance.

Raw nut milk is an excellent source of added nutrients to your everyday diet. It is much better to drink than common dairy milk and doesn’t hold all the added fat or sugars that ordinary cow’s milk does. And because you can make milk for just about any kind of nut you can think of, this adds great flavor to your everyday diet; you no longer have to use just one type of milk in your cooking, but can learn the different flavors of several different milks to see which one you like best.

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Benefits of Almond Milk

It has a unique taste. It is very light, crisp, and nutty. A good use for it would be to add it to your coffee or wheat cream for a pleasant morning treat.

The human body receives some more of the benefits of almond milk. These benefits are easily achieved by people who need to increase potassium and magnesium levels in their body through a change in their diets. It also benefits people that drink it by giving them a very high level of vitamin E. People can drink it in to keep their skin looking young and beautiful.

The nutrients of this drink are natural ones and have even been found to be better for you than soy milk. Soy milk has more sugar than its counterpart. Even for those who can not drink it, almond milk extract is a tasty alternative. The coolest thing about it is that it is even safe for people suffering from milk allergies.

Another one of the benefits of almonds is more on the useful side of its practicality. Being different from other dairy products, it doesn’t need to stay at a cold temperature. Almond milk has easy requirements for storage, and it is alright to keep it at room temperature. This makes it a great choice for when you are on the go. It is perfect for trips or vacations.

Other Health Benefits of Almond Milk:

  • It happens to contain a lot of magnesium. It helps convert the energy in food into usable energy.
  • Manganese can make enzymes in your body active. Phosphorous and itself help bones and teeth remain healthy.
  • Benefits of almonds also are from potassium which makes your heart function improve to help maintain a normal blood pressure.
  • It even has good sources of vitamin E.
  • Selenium in almonds is good for your immune system. It works in the metabolism of thyroid and doing this, prevents cell and tissue damage.

Milk is Good For You

Milk is More Filling than Junk Food

A piece of candy and a glass of low fat milk may have the same calorie count, but most people would choose the milk if they had to choose the healthy option. That’s because milk is good for you, and at the same time it provides a feeling of satisfaction, because it fills you up. If you include dairy products, including milk, in your everyday diet, then you are likely to feel fuller and therefore not eat as much.

What Makes Milk such a good Fat Buster!

Milk is high in calcium and vitamins D and E. There are also chemicals in milk which fight fat, and are important in helping your body to regulate its metabolism. The result is reduced body fat, particularly in your mid-section, which is where excess fat is often stored. Milk has also been found to increase muscle and speed up weight loss. One study showed that women who drank a glass or more of fat free milk each day, as part of their normal diet, lost around six pounds a year on average. So imagine that you consumed dairy products three times per day. If you also followed an exercise routine and reduced calorie diet, you could achieve a significant loss of weight.

Milk Consumption and Skin Health

As well as fighting fat, milk helps your skin’s elasticity when you are on a weight loss program. The natural chemicals (vitamins D & E), which milk contains, have been shown to help the skin stay supple. This is important for people who are losing weight and trying to keep their body toned. People who are on a weight loss program really don’t want to be left with stretch marks and drooping skin when the fat has gone. This is often the problem that people who have used surgical methods to lose weight are left with. It is better to choose a slower method of weight loss, including milk as part of your program, and your skin is more likely to look good at the end of it all.

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Medicinal Value of Milk

  • First, to inhibit tumor
    Milk and dairy products contain a substance called as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which can effectively destroy the free radicals that may lead to cancer. What’s more, it can quickly combine with the cell membrane, making the cells in the state of defending the invasion of the carcinogenic substances, thereby playing a role in cancer prevention. In addition, the calcium contained in milk can effectively destroy the carcinogens in the intestinal tract, make them decomposed and changed into non-carcinogenic substances, and excrete them out of the body. The vitamin A, vitamin B2 and vitamin D contained in milk all have some preventive effect against gastric cancer and colon cancer.
  • Second, to tranquilize and allay excitement
    Italian researchers found out that, the sedative effect of milk comes from an element which can inhibit the excitement of the nervous system. Experts believe that, in addition to milk, soybeans, cereals and other foods also have a significant sedative effect. As a result, it is suggested that, when you feel upset or annoyed, you can drink a large glass of milk. Drinking a glass of milk before bedtime can improve your sleep.
  • Third, to care and beautify the skin
    Milk is very nutritious. It contains high-quality fat, various kinds of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, especially B vitamins, which are very abundant in milk. These nutrients can nourish the skin, protect the epidermis, and prevent against cracks and wrinkles, so as to make the skin smooth, soft, white and delicate. What’s more, it can also blacken the hair and reduce hair loss. The iron, copper and vitamin A contained in milk also have the effect of skin beauty, which can keep the skin smooth and moist; and the whey in milk can eliminate the wrinkles on the facial skin.
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Drink Weight Loss Smoothies

Losing weight by drinking weight loss smoothies is an alternative to heavy dieting or starving. These smoothies can pump something into your regime. They help people lose weight because they will still fill up people’s stomachs but they do not give many calories. This is what the trick is because you can just drink little but then the smoothies act as filler that keeps you feeling full when in fact you are not. When you eat or drink food fillers, the tendency is the same, you tend to eat less but then you tend to feel much fuller without adding any extra calorie on your diet requirement.

These weight loss smoothies are not made up of full cream milk, instead the smoothies are made of low fat or skim milk. Also less sugar or no sugar at all is used in these smoothies that make it perfect for dieting. These smoothies are made of fresh fruits like bananas, blueberries, strawberries, apples and fresh vegetables like carrots and tomatoes.

Depending on your taste, you can choose from a variety of fruit options. Like most fresh fruits, these smoothies contain vitamins that your body needs despite the need to maintain a certain amount of calories. Sometimes, these smoothies contain yogurt and as you know, the yogurt is great for lactose-intolerant people or people who cannot digest milk or lactose containing foods. Yogurt also helps better your gastrointestinal conditions.

Smoothies can be healthy and they can also be fattening. There are many online recipes on weight loss smoothies that you can browse through and experiment on. You would realize that there are so many recipes to help you make smoothies of low calorie. You can try to experiment on the calorie contents of these smoothies and create more interesting flavors with lesser and lesser calories.

There is nothing that should stop your to make these healthy smoothies and to incorporate them in your diet program. You can even make your own flavors of delightful smoothies. If you are already bored with your diet drinks, the smoothies make a great compliment from a boring weight loss program and the benefits are also great.

Enjoy The Finest Cup of Green Tea

The Water

An important role in making the perfect cup of tea is the quality of water. The quality of water will affect the way the flavours in the tea leaves dissolve and therefore affects the quality of the tea. Lu Yu said “spring water was best, followed by river water, and then well water”. The amount of minerals in the water seems to have been an important consideration. However, for most people nowadays the problem is that it’s practically impossible to find such “natural” water that is unpolluted. As for tap water, that is often highly chlorinated. The best option therefore is one of the various types of bottled spring water.

Tea Culture

Drinking Tea is an exquisite and traditional ancient Culture that has lasted for over 5000 years; drinking Tea is indeed a Way of Life. Enjoy the ritual of preparing it as much as drinking it. Drink the tea with all your senses; sight, touch; taste; and smell. They all play an important part in the tea drinking experience.

Instructions on how to prepare a nice cup of green tea:

  • Use fresh cold water. If you are using tap water, let the cold tap run for awhile first to avoid flat-tasting water. Never make green or any other tea with water from the hot tap.
  • While the water is heating, get the tea things ready. (We suggest using a glass cup to make green tea). A small glass cup is preferable to a large one, as the amount of boiling water used in a large one may “stew” the leaves and results in flat-tasting tea.
  • Warm the glass cups by partly filling them with hot water.
  • Just before the water in the kettle boils, empty the cups and add the green tea.
  • An optional step before adding boiling water to tea is called “rinsing the tea leaves.” After the tea leaves have been added to the glass cup, pour in a little boiling water and drain it off immediately.
  • Finally, do not use the boiling water, leave it to cool to 80 degrees C then pour it into the glass cup to the desired level and cover. Chinese avoid keeping the glass cup warm with a padded tea cosy, feeling that it causes the leaves to stew, making them bitter.
  • Let the tea stand. The best tea is made by infusing for a short time rather than steeping for a longer period. 3 to 5 minutes is recommended, with the shorter time preferred. Very fine tea needs an extremely short time.

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Green Tea Extract

Just as in green tea, the extract is loaded with plant nutrients called phytochemicals. They’re among some of nature’s strongest and most beneficial substances. The anti-oxidant rich phytochemicals, powerfully defend against the damages caused by free radicals in our bodies.

The free radicals are ‘missing a screw’; literally, they have an unpaired electron, which makes them unstable. They form fast chain reactions and can destabilize other molecules – that’s not good for us. The anti-oxidants found in Green Tea Extract neutralize the free radicals, and in so doing provide a number of noted benefits including: treating headaches, correcting poor digestion, and lowering cholesterol. Not only does the extract provide anti-oxidants, but studies have shown that our blood’s capacity for holding anti-oxidants increases. Not only do we get the healthy nutrients in the extract, but also our bodies are able to hold more – it’s like a Power-Up!

Another benefit from Green Tea Extract is increased metabolism, and therefore, weight loss. Green Tea DOES have caffeine, and you might be inclined to think that’s what raises the rate of metabolism, and gives more energy. However, a study was done where the same amount of caffeine as is found in Green Tea was introduced to the body. The result was that the heart rate increased, but the metabolism did not; caffeine alone had a different effect. In fact, studies have shown that Green Tea Extract raises the metabolism, but NOT the heart rate, which makes it safer than some other herbal weight loss supplements.

Here is an expanded list of benefits for Green Tea Extract:

  • Philippines Medical Study showed positive results in its ability to treat acne
  • It stimulates the immune system and even fights dental plaque.
  • It contains ECGC, a powerful type of anti-oxidant approximately 200 times more potent than Vitamin E
  • Has been shown to fight cancer, and even protect against liver damage

If you’ve been thinking about taking Green Tea Extract, it’s important that you educate yourself about all of the health risks. For example, the caffeine can have an adverse effect on some people – so it is ALWAYS necessary for you to consult a professional before you start any serious change in diet.

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Choose a Decent Tea Pot

Potted history

Pottery from China caused a sensation when the English first saw it – the quality was far superior to any European equivalent. Hence they named it ‘china’, and the name remains to this day. The first teapots came from China, the home of tea, and were introduced to Europe in the 17th century. They tended to be small individual pots, with tiny matching cups. These days you can buy any kind of teapot imaginable, from novelty china pots to elegant silver or even cheap aluminium. But what makes an indispensable teapot?

Choosing your pot

The ‘fat old brown betty’ pot is found in most homes, and is used many times a day. It’s a functional teapot – the dark colour won’t show staining from the tannin and the rounded shape gives the leaves space to swirl around and release their flavor. When choosing a pot for everyday black tea, consider these points:

  • Does it look appealing? Half of the comforting aspect of drinking tea is in the sight of a favorite pot, with it’s plump curves and solid lines.
  • Tap the pot with your finger. The clay should be bright and hard as possible, and the harder clay will produce a sharper tapping sound.
  • Check the fit of the lid. A clay pot will have a vent on the lid – which should fit so tightly that when you cover the vent no liquid will pour from the spout.
  • Of course, the flow from the spout is of ultimate importance, what’s worse than a dribbling teapot! Unfortunately it’s not usually practical to test a pot with liquid before you buy it. Check that the top of the spout is level with the top of the pot. More oval shaped spouts are less likely to drip than rounded ones.
  • The handle should also be well positioned so that when you lift the pot full of tea there is not too much strain on the wrist. The handle should be wide enough that your knuckles don’t get burnt against the pot, and there should be enough distance between the spout and the top that the hand holding the lid steady should not be scalded with steam.

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Eating the Proper Snacks

You can add a bit of zing to snack time, however, by making recipes that use mostly raw foods to create unique treats. In fact, you should gather a good list of “go to” snack recipes that put an emphasis on the superfoods of the live and raw food categories. By doing so, you guarantee that you can enjoy a regular array of high-protein nut and seed snacks, super nutritious fruit and veggie snacks, and even some pretty convincing “sweets” too.

For instance, you will eat three “square” meals each day. This is not enough to give you the number of calories required, nor will this supply you with the nutrition your body demands. Skipping meals can also have a negative impact on your body, and so you need to have a regular supply of healthy snacks on hand.

Now, a lot of people – even those of us who love whole food snacks – could get bored with seasonal fruits, prepared nuts, and the freshest vegetables. Rather than reaching for any sort of processed foods, however, you can just whip up a batch of snacks to put in the pantry and “peck away” at over the course of a week.

For instance, why not make “gorp”? This could be any blend of grains, nuts, dried fruits, and some carob candies. You might up the “treat” factor of this blend and combine it with oil and honey to create homemade granola treats or “cookies”. Many granola snacks can also be blended and formed into cookie and cake like snack bars too.

Of course, if you want a real boost of energy without a lot of standing around and chewing (and there are times when a ten to fifteen minute snack break is not possible), there is little to compare with smoothies and juices. Made from fresh fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, they are like liquid vitamins when made properly. They are packed with enzymes and can be as sweet or savory as you desire.

There are also some alternative snacks that few consider and yet which can give a huge amount of nutrition. For instance, roasted nuts and beans with spicy or sweet blends of flavorings can really replace the “junk food” options like pretzels, chips, and seasoned nut mixtures. You would get that salty or sweet “fix” and yet avoid all of the artificial nonsense and unhealthy preservatives.

Remember, however, that all food begins with the raw ingredients, and if you skimp on quality here it is going to decrease the value of the foods and snacks you create. So, always use the freshest, healthiest, and organic foods you can find and afford. Your taste buds and your body will thank you!

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Frozen Fruit Smoothies


Fruits are some of the highest concentrations of vitamins out of all of the foods we have available to us. Many fruits are naturally high in vitamin C and potassium, both of which are vital to the health of our bodies. Many fruits also contain high levels of various cancer-fighting antioxidants that are great to have in abundance in our systems. Having enough of the vitamins that come from eating plenty of fruit has a lot of great health benefits including high energy levels, healthy skin, hair and fingernails, improvements to eyesight, and overall better body function. Fruit also contains high levels of fiber which is very important for overall body health as well.

Vegetables Too

As difficult as it can be to get our daily servings of fruit, it is even harder to eat the amount of vegetables that our bodies need to be optimally healthy. A frozen fruit smoothie is a great way to get your daily vegetable allowance as well, because you can use the stronger sweet taste of the fruit to hide the taste of the veggies. This is also a really great way to trick your kids into eating their vegetables because kids absolutely love frozen fruit smoothies.


A frozen fruit smoothie is a fast option for a quick breakfast or snack that you can take with you on the go. It is just about as easy to make a frozen fruit smoothie as it is to make a cup of coffee and you can take it with you and drink it on the drive to work. It will give you energy that will last longer than the caffeine rush and empty calories you get from a cup of coffee, and you’ll get additional benefits as well from all of those wonderful vitamins.

For Weight Loss

Frozen fruit smoothies can work for weight loss when used properly. Although smoothies are an appropriate meal replacement, you do need to be aware that some combinations can become high in sugar, and therefore high calorie. Although they are “good calories” because they are high in nutrients, you definitely need to avoid adding any sugar to your frozen fruit smoothie. Be sure to use low-fat milk and yogurt, and avoid using yogurt that has any sugar added to flavor it.

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