Say No to MSG

Synthetic Manipulation of MSG

As said above, the human body requires the naturally occurring glutamate in some quantities. But the artificial processing and manipulation of glutamate produces a form which is not the same as the naturally occurring form. As seen from other examples of hormone medications, any effort to replicate a natural product does not give the same effects and results. In fact, the possibilities of causing harm to the body can be multiplied. Same is the case of the synthetically manufactured MSG. Though advocates of MSG argue that the glutamate used in food additives is equally good, the presence of contaminants in processed MSG cannot be ruled out.

Results of Studies in this regard

Several studies have been … Read the rest

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Cookbooks Throughout History

Our fascination with cookbooks has virtually no limit. Celebrity chefs make millions on their beautifully illustrated cookbooks, many of which are never really used other than for fantasy. And basic classics like Better Homes & Gardens, Betty Crocker or Pillsbury will always sell. But before the nineteenth century, if a young woman or servant wasn’t taught culinary skills growing up, she was in for a rough trial-and-error period as she found herself pressed into service with a new husband and growing family. If she was able to read, she might find a few well-worn stained pages to consult but that was the extent of it.

Early cookbooks were for the wealthy only (especially royalty) and most of the castle kitchen … Read the rest

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Info of Banquets

Banquets serve many purposes from training sessions, to formal business dinners. Business banquets are a popular way to strengthen bonds between businessmen and their partners. It is common that a banquet is organized at the end of an academic conference. A luau is one variety of banquets originally used in Hawaii. The Nei Mongol provincial government in China levies a tax on banquets.

Organization of the banquet dept:

Banquet manager-> asst manager-> maitre d’hôtel/chef de rang->waiters

Types of banquets:

Depending on the nature & solemnity of the occasion, banquets may be:

Informal, b. Semi-formal, c. Formal

Informal: no set plan of seating is followed here. There is no top-table & service is indiscriminate of sex & rank.

Semi-formal: these take … Read the rest

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Flat As a Pancake

Thomas Jefferson, on one of his frequent travels to Paris, brought back a similar recipe called crepes, which was a thinner form of our griddle cakes, without leavening, made with wheat flour and served with fruit or a sweet syrup. They were gobbled up at state dinners, and once again that industrious President introduced a new and delicious French dish to the colonists. (To this day, crepes are a popular street food in France.)

Consider that they were easy to make, eaten by hand, and the pioneers could cook them on a hot stone around the campfire after a long hard day of traveling. Native Americans probably taught the early colonists how to grind corn, mix it into a paste, … Read the rest

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