Anvil Pasta Cookers

Anvil Pasta Cookers are especially designed to create a variety of pasta and other boiled food dishes. It is manufactured to make various dishes conveniently and with minimal fuss. It produces flawless pasta in record time ready to be consumed by pasta enthusiasts.

Due to the convenience of this commercial kitchen equipment, you can get more creative by producing many types of pasta dishes and still maintain the shape of the pasta. In the Anvil Pasta Cooker you are able to cook tubular pasta such as penne, cannelloni, and rigatoni. Or you can cook strand pastas such as spaghetti, vermicelli, and capellini. Maybe you prefer ribbon pastas like bavette, fettuccini, or linguine. Or perhaps you’d like to make something more interesting and challenging like stuffed pastas such as agnolotti, ravioli or tortellini. So get creative and make some interesting and tasty pasta dishes to impress your customers.

All of these pastas come in different sizes and shapes yet the Anvil Pasta Cookers are able to cook all of them optimally because it has a built in variable heat control. That means that you can set the temperature suitable for each type of pasta to ensure that it is cooked properly. It is imperative that the pasta is not overcooked as this can make it soggy and tasteless which is why the temperature control is such a handy feature. The Anvil Pasta Cookers also keep safety in mind with the built in micro switch that disconnects the power when the element box is removed. This safety feature also ensures that you don’t leave the cooker on while you are away from the unit.

There are so many Italian dishes that you can create with the Anvil Pasta Cooker, not to mention other types of dishes that involve boiling. This versatile kitchen equipment gives your restaurant the edge because you can cook in bulk and you don’t have to keep running to a stove to check whether the water has boiled over. With the temperature control and safety features, these cookers are suitable for any restaurant that serves top class pasta dishes and have a huge demand to satisfy.

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