About Drinking Sodas

I have always known that too much soda drinking is bad for health because of its high sugar content. However, I did not know that there are ingredients that are found in sodas that are strong enough to clean the rust out of chrome bumpers and to clean toilet bowls as well. To me that was absurd. In deciding to finally quit drinking sodas, I decide to do a little research and found the following shocking truths about drinking soda.

Too much soda can kill. According to studies at Tufts University, too much soda drinking can lead to individuals developing Type-II Diabetes which have been responsible for an estimated 184,000 adult deaths per year. It was estimated that people who drink 1 to 2 servings of soda per day will have a 26% more chance of developing Type-II Diabetes. Another study revealed that drinking one can of soda can lead to 20% more risk of dying from a heart attack for both men and women.

Sodas can cause different diseases. Aside from death, too much soda drinking can also lead to the development of several diseases. The number one disease that is associated with soda drinking is obesity. According to the Well-Being Index, 28% of soda-drinking Americans categorize themselves as being obese.

Another study has shown that drinking one can of soda per day can lead to a 75% more chance for women to develop gout than those that do not drink soda. Similar results for men have also been revealed.

There are ingredients in sodas that are not organic in nature especially those that are used to give sodas their unique colors. These chemical coloring ingredients have been shown to be carcinogens.

Although soda companies may deny and counter these studies, the shocking truth still prevails. Soda drinking if done regularly and too much can be detrimental to a person’s health. The amount of synthetic chemical ingredients found in sodas may affect our body systems one way or another. It is therefore time for us to switch to healthier beverages such as natural fruit juices and shakes.

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