Homemade Raw Yogurt

  • 1 ½ cups of macadamia nuts
  • Enough water to cover nuts overnight
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons of honey or 2 dates. You can also use agave nectar
  • 1/8 teaspoon of nondairy yogurt starter. You should store the starter in the refrigerator and not in the freezer.
  • A yogurt maker, an oven or a dehydrator.
  • A fine sieve, cotton towel or nut milk bag meant to strain the nut milk.
  • A food thermometer

You should place the nuts in a glass container and soak them overnight. You should then drain the water and place the nuts in a blender then add enough water to make 1 quart. You should then add 2 tablespoons of honey and blend for 3 … Read the rest

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Difference Between Omelette and Scrambled Egg

Scrambled eggs are basically the eggs that are stirred when cooked. But the omelets have some other ingredients included in it. That is the most important difference between an omelette and the egg. Even though the cooking procedure of scrambled eggs are easier than cooking an omelette, some amateur people in cooking end up in scrambled eggs when they try to prepare an omelette. Omelettes have some other food ingredients included to make it tasty. They are often flipped like a pancake to give more color. Scrambled eggs are just lose and an omelette is where all the eggs get together along with your favorite toppings.

The cooking process of omelettes and scrambled eggs slightly differ from each other. … Read the rest

Essential Culinary Skills

  • Cooking Methods – As there are many types of meat, there are also various ways to cook them. Roasting chicken would definitely differ from roasting meat due to the meat’s texture and weight. Aside from learning the right temperature to cook certain cuts of meat, it is also necessary to learn how to prepare simple sauces. Even poaching eggs the right way is very important because restaurant customers can be very picky. If you need to know the right way to stew, caramelize, broil, bake, or simmer any dish – learn cooking methods.
  • Familiarity with Kitchen Equipment – There are many varieties of kitchen equipment that can be used to prepare food. However, it is significant to understand when and
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Types of Drink Coasters


The drink coasters in glass are generally made using a high-quality tempered glass that is easily able to stand up to the heat of hot drinks like tea and coffee. Most of these coasters have four little feet that help to lift the glass above the surface of the table or desk to avoid heat damage. Glass is a favorite choice for many because of its elegant and sophisticated look.

Stainless steel

The coasters in stainless steel are perfect for promotional giveaways or corporate gifts because of the ease in engraving with a special message. A unique message can be engraved on the surface using either the pad printing or laser method. For ease in picking up the coasters, … Read the rest

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Benefits of Black Bean

There are more than 40,000 types of bean varieties and if talk about black beans, so they were first cultivated thousands of years ago in Peru. And later it became a staple of the South Americans’ diet. They first came to Europe when explorers came home with them in the 1500s. They are rich in protein, fiber, folate, vitamin B, Potassium and calcium etc. however, people often complaint that it’s not a complete protein and it lacks in amino acids which is present in the animal protein. Black beans make a complete protein when it is paired with brown rice. Other than this, if you include nuts like almonds, walnuts etc., corn, seeds and wheat in your diet along with … Read the rest

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Cooking Churrasco

When cooking food, it is essential for individuals to properly cook their food to provide better features and dishes for the whole family to enjoy. For instance, when you are cooking Churrasco, you need to be sure that all ingredients are prepared and that the meat is fresh and tender to provide your loved ones a delicious and wonderful meal for the day. So, if you wish to present an unforgettable and delicious Churrasco for the whole family, here are some tips you need to know to help you create a wonderful food item for your loved ones.

Cooking preparations

Using gas when cooking can be an ideal and an efficient way to cook Churrasco but, making use of wood … Read the rest

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Dark Chocolate Nonpareils

Nonpareils are used for the ornamentation of dark chocolate nonpareils and milk chocolate nonpareils, among other bakery items. This decorative confections look like perfect tiny balls and are made of starch and sugar. Nobody really knows from where they have actually originated from but are generally considered to be evolved around the pharmaceutical use of sugar.

The history Nonpareils can be traced back to the 18th century, where frosted nonpareils were introduced to be used as the toppings of wedding cakes. After that, the use of both white and colored nonpareils started to get mentioned in different recipes and cookbooks. By the early 19th century, nonpareils become exceptionally popular in the U.S. and the Europe. At that time, they were … Read the rest

Bread Dipping Oil

Now, there are probably a number of you out there who might find the notion of bread dipping oil a little overrated and way too played out. Think about how many Italian restaurants, chain or independent, readily made a dipping oil the start of a meal. As time went on, people started trying to copy these recipes and make them at home, which meant that no matter where you went to have a nice Italian meal, you were always face-to-face with bread dipping oil of some type with a veritable amount of little flecks to add flavor.

Well, times have changed. More restaurants are deciding that bread dipping oil is more than just a throw-away start to a meal. It’s … Read the rest

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History of the Candy Bar

1500 BC to 400 BC – The Olmec Indians of the Eastern Mexico lowlands are thought to be the first people to grow cocoa beans as a domestic crop. It took hundreds of years before cocoa became widely used as a remedy and as an aphrodisiac, and so it became known as a food from the gods. The Aztecs used cacao beans as currency and as a drink for people with high social status. Europeans were first introduced to chocolate as a beverage, and they loved it so much that a chocolate house was opened in London in 1657 where drinks were served to the upper class. Within twenty years, chocolate was found in tea cakes and other sweets. It … Read the rest

Unknown Facts About Milk

Considering how people of all age groups, especially young adults, have become more health conscious and watch their caloric intake, they have changed their eating and drinking habits in a considerable way and are paying greater attention to physical fitness for their well-being. Hence, there is an increasing demand for foods such as cornflakes, oats, whole grains, lean proteins, steamed vegetables and fruits. Changing lifestyles have heightened people’s awareness of the need to evolve eating and cooking behaviour.

For instance, there has been a gradual shift from frying or even cooking food to steaming it. Steamed food maintains 95 per cent of its nutritional value and is far lighter on the stomach.

People are consciously opting for food and beverages … Read the rest

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