Heath Benefits Lemon

  • Lemon and asthma
    The vitamin C contained in the lemon juice plays a big part in fighting respiratory problems. First of all, it builds up the body’s immune system and then it acts as an anti-oxidant by fighting the destructive oxidants which are produced by the lungs in the form of allergens during asthmatic attacks. Taking lemon juice frequently will help to fight asthma. Lemons are said to be very helpful in instances where there is inadequate supply of oxygen – like during mountain climbing. Edmund Hillary, who was the first person to reach the peak of Mt. Everest’s, attributed his success to the use of lemons.
  • Restoring the pH equilibrium
    Maintenance of a mildly positive alkaline state in the
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Guide on the Cuisines of Singapore

  • Chinese Cuisine
    One of the main players in the country’s gastronomic array is the Chinese cuisine. You can enjoy the delicious dim sum, roasted meats and double-boiled soups brought by the Cantonese immigrants, the spicy dishes from Szechuan and the flavourful chicken rice with its roots from the Hainan province. Hearty meat dishes and appetising noodles are a part of Hokkien meals while Teochew dishes include lighter items such as steamed seafood, comforting porridge and clear soups.
  • Indian Cuisine
    If you’re a fan of Indian food, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Fancy vegetarian thosai, seafood dishes and fiery curries enriched with coconut milk or why not try tandoori offerings and fluffy naan breads. You can also get a taste of
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Masale Bhaat

Masale bhaat is inextricably linked with maharashtrian weddings as well and will always be found on menu in any Maharashtrian wedding. Traditional Marathi wedding is performed during the day time and the celebration starts with rituals in the presence of all the guests. After the rituals, guests are directed towards the lunch area, which is generally organized in big open halls. They are made to sit in long, orderly queues extending from one end to the other. Masale Bhat is one of the main course dish served to these wedding guests with the lunch.

Masale bhaat is full of taste and flavor and can be enjoyed just with a dollop of ghee. The most popular combo of course is with … Read the rest

Ideas for Preparing Outstanding Burgers

I’ve compiled my selection of the main 5 ideas for creating your own burgers. This article only covers burgers made from beef and doesn’t go into the garnishes or the bun. I’ll write another post dealing with those subjects!

  • The quality of the meat is crucial so be sure to buy high quality ground beef. There’s no need to go overboard and buy an expensive cut, but make certain that the meat you get is the very best you can buy.
  • When picking your meat, choose meat that has about 15 % fat. The fat is important as it prevents the hamburger drying out and increases flavor. Low fat burgers are actually a disaster– completely dry and flavorless. If you’re
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Eating Bugs

Edible insects worldwide

As most of us know, the practice has been preserved to this day in many parts of the world. The Aboriginals of Australia and the Saan Bushmen of Southern Africa are among many indigenous people that still count insects as part of their diets. However, it is not just indigenous people who make meals out of insects and other bugs. In fact it is only in the West where the taste for them has recently been lost. Throughout Southeast Asia, China, India and Brazil (to name a few), you can walk down almost any street, even in the cities, and find a range of fried or roasted bugs on display. It just so happens that these regions … Read the rest

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Garcinia Cambogia

Suppress appetite

The diet is recommended highly for weight loss. It helps a great deal in suppressing appetites naturally and in turn reducing fat. To achieve maximum results, it is advisable to consider combining this weight loss plan with regular workouts, including a balanced diet. The product is effective because it helps to cleanse the colon in addition to strengthening the immune system.

Controls cravings

The product plays an important role in controlling the cravings for unhealthy sugar and food. Suppression of the appetite helps to control a person’s eating habits. This helps to eliminate cravings and control emotional eating. Furthermore, it helps to block fats that are responsible for promoting weight loss. This weight loss supplement offers a powerful … Read the rest

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Super Food Carrots

Taking a look at some of the health benefits offered in a carrot, we find that they are very rich in Vitamin A and in beta-carotene, which is a very powerful anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants help protect our bodies from free radical damage. A free radical is an atom that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. Normal atoms have a pair of electrons, so the free radicals are considered to be unstable. The damage occurs when the free radical goes looking for another electron from a healthy atom or molecule. According to some reports, free radicals are responsible for shortening our life span. They also appear to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer, diabetes, arthritis as well as other disorders … Read the rest

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Buy The Best Crackers

  1. Select Your Size: When choosing the right cracker, size matters. Think about your crackers as a vehicle. If you’re purchasing crackers for an appetizer party with the intention of serving them with a dip or spread you should consider a bite sized cracker because it will be less messy and more sanitary (less double dipping.) If you’re looking to add a crunch to your soup taking larger sized crackers and breaking them up might be a good solution because you will experience more textual nuances than if you just used a traditional oyster variety. Bigger sized crackers can be ideal for situations when more crumbs are an added value. For example, a larger cracker is excellent for dunk into a
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History of Ketchup

Other Ketchups

Another type of ketchup is mushroom ketchup, thought to be the first kind in Britain. People used to pickle mushrooms just for the mushrooms, but then started using the pickle sauce by itself. Various other ingredients have also been used to make ketchup, including, but not limited to, mussels, oysters, and walnuts. These would be blended with garlic, spices, onions, wines and/or spirits to create varying flavors.

The Popularity of Tomato Ketchup

As tomato products became more and more popular, tomato ketchup came on the scene around the 1830s. It became instantly popular in the United States and you could say it is America’s “national condiment.” In fact, it is almost on every restaurant table! Some of the … Read the rest

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Fruit-Flavoured Drinks

Well, drinking water is an excellent habit too, but what most people do not know is the fact that these fruit-drinks that are manufactured today are not fat-inducing. In fact, they are packed with multivitamins and minerals which will not only cool you in summers, but at the same time also energize you with the best of nutrients. Scientists have also discovered that the liquid form is the best way to have your nutrients. This form is not only absorbed faster in the body, but it also works in the most efficient way. This is why a lot of energy drinks are now being made in the powder form so that they can be mixed with water and had or … Read the rest

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