Chipotle Catering

Chipotle is a chain of fast food associated with Mexican cuisines. It was a dream idea of Steve Ells, the CEO and founder of the chain who while starting the first restaurant didn’t dream of opening more than a single restaurant. However, the type of fast food served in the restaurant became so popular that Chipotle has become one of the most famous fast food franchises in the world.

So, how did Steve start it all? After graduation, he worked at a restaurant learning to cook properly and to taste it critically. With a little help from his parents, Steve was able to set up the first Chipotle catering restaurant in Colorado in 1993. His restaurant became immensely popular and … Read the rest

Asparagus on Toast

Get It Fresh While You Can Growers have a short window to harvest the tasty spikes. The plant pops up out of the ground and is snipped off. As more pops up they keep picking till the spears become fat and woody. Not as tasty and tender then. The plant will start to become bushy and go to seed eventually.

If you plan to add Asparagus to your garden it can take up to two years before you are able to pick and consume. I planted several year old plants this year so this spring I’ll be pickingĀ Asparagus.

There are many theories on white sauces. I say it’s just a fancy word to us down home people for

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Preparing Alaskan King Crab

The bulk of Alaskan Crab consumed in North America is pre-cooked and frozen, a practice that would not be tolerated by seafood eaters in the rest of the world. Where the emphasis is on buying shellfish such as Crab or Lobster. Fresh shellfish does not benefit from being frozen – moisture, texture and flavour will all be reduced. You could ask yourself why is it pre-cooked and available frozen? Is it to maintain freshness? No, how can freezing preserve freshness. Is it because when landed the Crab are in a precarious state of life, if alive at all? Most forms of Crab do not take kindly to being disturbed from their natural habitat, and are not good travellers, especially in … Read the rest

Safely De-Vein Shrimp Before Eating Them

As far as Shrimp and Prawn are concerned, but they are from two different species the Shrimp (Caridea) and the Prawn (Dendrobanchiata). They fundamentally differ in size the Shrimp are tiny, whilst a Prawn can reach 330 cm in length and up to 450 g in weight. They also differ in numbers of claws, the bend in their abdomen and their gill structure. It is the latter that throughout the world are called Prawn, but in the USA as Shrimp. In fact in a US TV commercial the Aussie comedian Paul Hogan had to say ” I’ll put another Shrimp on the BBQ for you” so as to make it easier for the US audience to understand. If the use … Read the rest

Main Course Ideas

Wrapped in a parcel with hidden delights

This version will offer mystery and surprise. From your grocery supplier obtain sufficient banana leaf, if they do not have it in stock they will have supplies in a couple of days. You will need a piece 25 cm square for each of your guests. In boiling water blanch the leaf for four minutes, to soften. Place the Salmon fillet in the centre of the leaf. Now you need to add the flavouring ingredients to give the visual and flavour sensation when opening the parcel. Try an Oriental touch with thin strips of ginger, lemon grass and spring onion with a touch of soy and Thai fish sauce. Fold up the parcel and … Read the rest

Choose A Place To Eat

Are there any special dietary needs?

If you are eating with someone for the first time it is unlikely that you will know all of, or any, of their dietary needs. Are they vegetarian, vegan, fruit eaters, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Rastafarian, Sikh? Do they need food free of dairy products or gluten, low salt or fat, without nuts and suitable for diabetes sufferers?

What is the location for the new eating place?

Are you looking for somewhere new that is close by, in the country or the city centre? How do you intend to travel to and from the venue? Is there public transport, or satisfactory parking facilities?

How much do you in tend to spend?

If you are so … Read the rest

Tips Cooking Tuna

Pan fried Tuna

This method is very simple and quick. In a very hot and lightly oiled pan seal a 175 g steak for a couple of minutes on either side, then take off the heat and rest. This will produce a cooking level similar to medium rare in a Beef steak. If you prefer then cook for a little longer. Serve on a something of your choice. Try a chilli flavoured salsa, or chunky mashed potato mixed with chopped olives.

An alternative Salad

Cut strips around 1cm square and 6cm long. You will need five per serving Quickly fry in sesame oil, to cooler on all sides, place on top of the seasoned salad. Prepare the salad with some … Read the rest

Tips On Cooking Cod

Plain and simple cooking

And what could be more ideal than Fish and Chips. Choose a prime fillet of fish of around 200 g, with skin on but pin boned, coat in flour and dip in your batter. The batter can consist of a whole variety of ingredients from just plain flour and beer, to herbs, or spices such as Turmeric or yeast to help the batter to rise. The simple flour and beer option is the most popular.

Fry at 180 degrees Celsius until cooked, and of course serve with chips, mushy peas and Tartar sauce. To make a traditional night of it, wrap in yesterdays newspaper!

With style and flair but retaining traditional

In Britain Cod is considered … Read the rest

Tips On Cooking Squid

Quick, simple and fresh.

Take the tube and wings of the Squid and thinly slice into pieces 3 mm thick. For a single starter use 115 g. Have ready thinly sliced garlic, ginger, spring onion, chopped parsley or coriander and fresh lemon. Place a Wok on a high heat and add a light coating of sesame oil, fry the Squid for a couple of minutes. Add the other ingredients, squeeze with lemon juice and serve. You will have created a very quick, refreshing a tender Squid dish. Ideal as a starter.

Stuffed Squid

Squid, unlike most other shellfish, should be cooked very quickly or slowly. For stuffed dishes the larger examples are ideal for slow cooking. Select a tube around … Read the rest

Tips Cooking Sea Bass

Plain and simple

What could be more simple served fish and chip shop style. One of the small farmed fish will be ideal. Scaled, cleaned, and pin boned a pair of the fillets will make a great ‘Posh Nosh’ fish and chip meal at a very reasonable price.

Make your own simple batter with plain flour and a measure of beer to form a moderately thick coating. Fry at 180 degrees Celsius until cooked and serve on a bed of home-made chips with Tartar sauce.

Cooking with style and flair

For this dish, I would suggest you invested in a prized fillet of wild Sea Bass, it will cost more than the farmed but will be worth it. You will … Read the rest