Milk Oolong Tea

Originally, this tea produce is a cultivar (a plant variety which was produced through selective breeding). It was derived from a tea bush found in different regions of Taiwan. It is more popularly known in those areas as Jin Xuan, cultivar of camellia sinensis. Jin Xuan, also known as Tai Cha #12, is a relatively new discovery, developed just in the 1980’s. Such that all good oolongs come from a specific tea bush cultivar, the uniqueness of each is relative from which territory it was cultured. Today, Jin Xuan is one of Taiwan’s four main cultivars— this is not a small feat as there are hundreds of cultivars grown in Taiwan alone. THis tea, therefore, is made of pure herb leaves and not a single drop of milk is used in the process. In Western culturers, Jin Xuan is so uncommon that it does not even have an English name. But it is described by Westerners who are familiar with it as the tea with the most diverse taste, and no style better shows what a carefully manipulated leaf processing can do.

Authentic milk oolong is very delicious and popular. The process of making it starts at

Recipes for Milk Tea

Honey-Flavored Milk Tea

This is a traditional and ideal cup of tea. It’s a very simple recipe using simple ingredients found in most households.


  • Tea
  • Water
  • Milk (skim, condensed, or low-fat varieties)
  • Sugar (honey or other sweeteners can be substituted)


  1. Bring about one liter of water to a boil.
  2. Place the loose leaves in the water and let them sit for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Lower the heat to simmer and let the tea steep for about 20 to 30 minutes. The flavor becomes stronger the longer the leaves are allowed to steep.
  4. Strain the tea thoroughly to remove the leaves. You do not want any of them left in the tea.
  5. Transfer the liquid to your cup. Add your choice of milk whether 2%, while, or skim, and stir to combine with the tea.
  6. Add honey and stir once more to dissolve it into the tea.
  7. You can further enhance this beverage by adding cinnamon or other flavorings to your tea.

Homemade Recipe for Bubble Milk Tea

Bubble milk tea is a very popular beverage today and this recipe is very easy to make.


  • Make up 3/4 of a cup of brewed tea

Sandwich Nation

The British first referred to “bits of cold meat” as a “sandwich,” named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was an eighteenth-century aristocrat. Legend has it that he instructed his servant to bring him some meat between two pieces of bread while he was playing cards with his cronies. Apparently he could play uninterrupted, as the bread acted as a napkin (rather than his sleeve) and kept the card table tidy. His cronies caught on and followed his lead. What was in them we’ll never know, but what a beginning (the Earl will never know).

Let’s check out these favorites:

  • Elvis immortalized the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, although there’s not a big call for the.
  • Dagwood, named after comic strip Blondie’s husband, stacks up fillings and bread, impossible to eat except in sections, but somehow Dagwood Bumstead managed.
  • The French originated this sinful sandwich in a Parisian cafe in 1910; there is no one named Monte Cristo but simply a French term (Croque Monsieur) to describe a fried sandwich of ham and cheese, not on any weight loss program to be sure.
  • Sloppy Joe: kids grew up on these

Basmati Brown Rice Pulav

It is the healthy gluten free option which will help you meet all your nutrition requirements without compromising on taste and diet.

Just removal of the outer hull of the rice kernel gives is this variety of rice which has a layer of bran.

Over the few years, It is gained popularity and have a designated place on the shelf in many kitchens. It has become a great pick for those who are health and fitness conscious. However, cooking brown rice is time consuming process. And moreover, people assume that being a healthy option, brown rice has a boring taste.

In today’s fast paced world, where people run on the ticking clock, regular brown rice that takes 60 minutes to cook makes people skip it. It cooks quickly can help in lot many ways and can be a time saver by just cooking in 15-20 minutes.

However, it is slightly differs from Basmati brown rice in certain other ways too. It is long, fluffy when compared to the mushy texture of regular brown rice.

It is grown in Himalayan foothills, have a distinct texture and nutty flavour. These tiny long grains are more

Nutritional Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is made out of the flesh of a ripe coconut and should not be confused with coconut water which is the liquid that you can drain out of a punctured coconut. The flesh of a coconut is found along the inner walls of a cut open coconut and should ideally be thick and creamy to produce milk. Making coconut milk requires some time and processing but you can also buy it in bottles or cans.

A lot has been said about the nutritional benefits of this milk. Below is benefits so that you can see what all the hype is about.

Coconut milk is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, chloride, minerals and potassium.  Although full of saturated fats the saturated fats found in this milk are made up of medium and short-chain fatty acids that are quickly and efficiently turned into energy by your body. This means that despite being high in saturated fat this milk can actually help you to lose weight. It contains a saturated fat called lauric acid, the same saturated fat found in mother’s milk. Lauric acid promotes bone health and brain development Because of its anti-viral properties,